The Finances

“Visualising the world of Treta Yuga is not easy. But its worth it”

The Challenge

Here before us stands an exciting opportunity to see the world of Sri Rama’s Treta Yuga. The confluence of technology and research will allow us to gasp at the sturdy expanse of Ayodhya, bask in the purity of Mithila, or peek into the opulence of Lanka. To re-create these worlds faithfully so that we may share their glory with the wider world or inspire the next generation will need investment.

Below is the film’s proposed budget. We want you to see where we’ll be spending your sacred and generous pledge.

The Solution

In order to access traditional film finance, we have been asked to compromise on the vision: a smaller project, changes to the script, another type of movie. That is why we’re coming to you. So that the the greatness of the Ramayana can be experienced.

We want as much of the money raised to be ploughed into the film’s production budget. You’ll be able to see the cost of cast, crew, the art department and so much more. There are certain administrative expenses that are incurred in the course of a funding campaign and as much as possible we the producers of the film will bear these expenses so that more money can go into bringing to reality glorious and stunning scenes such as Sita’s Swayamvara, the battle with Tadaka or the arrival of Parshurama.

Additionally because we’ll be shooting in the UK we’ll be able to tap into the UK governments film tax credit scheme. A scheme that means we get 25% of 80% of our UK expenditure. That effectively works out to 20%

Top Line Budget

Script and Development

Script consultants, developers, editors and storyboard artists.


Producers Unit

Producers fees, Assistants, Overheads, Legals and Auditing


Direction Department

Directors fees, 2nd Unit Director for Prep, Shoot and Wrap, Dialogue Coaches and Director’s Assistants


Extra Talent

Extra, coordinators and assistants. Location staff, Crowd promoters and specialist skilled extras


Post Production

VFX, all editing, title sequences, picture grade, sound stage mix, music composition and lab costs


Art Department and Production

Set Design, Construction, Operations and Dressing. Pre-Rigging, Special FX, Wardrobe, Animals, Aerial Unit, 2nd Unit, Production Sound, Film and Lab, Unit Facilities, Tests, Rentals, Office and Production Expenses, Camera Dept and Lighting,


Travel and Living

Transportation costs, location, catering and associated expenses for crew and cast. Prep, shoot and wrap days including per diems



Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrugan, Dasaratha, Vishvamitra, Vasishta, Kausalya, Kaikeyi, Sumitra, Parshuram, Janak, Sunayna, Summantra, Manthara, Mareech, Subahu, Tadaka, Ravana, Manthara and up to 20 additional supporting cast. Casting director, stunt coordinator and professionals.


Publicity and Other Expenses

Publicity, Stills, Legal and Accounting Expenses, Insurance



Contingency costs for unforseen expenses and overtime


Swayamvara Scene Costs


Lead and Supporting Cast