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“If we want the Ramayana to reach each and every family, we need a powerful media like film”

Shree Pujya Bhupendrabhai Pandya

“Let’s open up our fist and observe this marvellous thing that we possess. Let us represent it in a format that is suitable for the world that we live in”

Jay Lakhani

Theoretical physicist and speaker on Spiritual humanism

“If the purpose of film is to entertain, maybe we can make a film that entertains but also inspires and enriches as well ”

Milan Samani

Founding Partner, TIL Ventures


Pledging just £5 / $7.50 450 INR (less than the cost of a Pizza) or more.
A pledge is your oath to financially contribute to the making of the Ramayana for the big screen. We don’t take any payments now. Only once we reach our first fundraising target will we send you a dedicated payment link.
Leave your mark on generations to come.
Bring the authentic story of Rama to the modern world in a way never seen before.
Join us in becoming film producers for one of the greatest stories ever told.
‘Generations to come will speak of this moment that many came together to make the impossible happen. When each of us fulfilled our Dharma and brought back Sri Rama.’
This is a call to anyone who knows the Ramayana. Who loves the Ramayana
Be part of a global fundraising movement. Let the world see the greatness of a people who came together as one, to bring Rama to a new audience, a new generation.

Every so often..

The Ramayana is re-told for its relevant audience. Sri Valmiki’s original Sanskrit epic, Tulsidasji’s devotional retelling in Awadhi or Kamba’s Ramavataram in Tamil. Now it is time for the next leap. For a modern audience. Who don’t know that Rama is the original superhero. That Dharma is more powerful than the Force. That the greatest stories ever told has courage, love, valour and humour. This version of the Ramayana is for them.. by all of us!
Let us leave our mark on the world. So that in a 100 years they will speak of this moment. This moment when we came together to perform the most incredible act of Dharma. We brought the Ramayana to the big screen. An ancient story to the modern world.
This is an authentic re-telling of the Ramayana. Painstakingly researched and tested amongst scholars and saints.
Whilst authentic, it is also relatable to the modern day. Imagine experiencing the glory of Ayodhya, the magnificence of the Mithila, the quandary of Dasaratha and the Dharma of Lord Rama. Every detail visualised, every moment felt. Its a magical yet gritty and realistic re-telling, where our heroes bleed but never give in.
A film that appeals to devotees and epic film lovers, scholars and sceptics, historians and hero-loving teens.

This is a film about Rama, this is a film about Dharma. Let us perform ours.


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